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I will use a combination of one or more of the following techniques to create an individual treatment plan specific to your needs.

Treatment prices: 

90 minute initial consultation and treatment - £60

60 minute follow up treatment - £45

30 minute follow up treatment - £30

A mobile service is available – prices on request


Sports massage hamstrings landscape.JPG

Works to restore balance, function and range of movement within the body's soft tissues and joints. Issues can arise from a specific sporting or impact injury as well as from bad posture and repetitive habits in everyday life which put stress and strain on your body. Sports and remedial massage can also help speed up recovery time following an injury and heal scar tissue by helping to break the scar tissue down. Having a regular sports and remedial massage will help to keep the body's soft tissues working in balance at an optimal level by boosting their circulation and nourishment. Clients oftern report sleeping better after a treatment too.


Myofascial shoulder treatment landscape.

Myofascial tissue is connective tissue that surrounds all the soft tissues, bones and organs within our body in much the same way that the threads on a spiders web connect to form a whole structure. Deeper soft tissues can be restricted in their movement by tight fascia soft tissue leading to reduced flexibility and mobility, imbalance and pain. Myofasical Release can yield amazing results in releasing tension and restoring balance allowing the soft muscle tissues to function effectively once again with reduced or no pain. Myofascial release work is performed without oils or lotions so I can feel when the deeper soft tissue returns to a more relaxed state.


Deep tissue massage back Portrait.JPG

This uses similar techniques to relaxation or aromatherapy massage treatments but treats soft tissues at a deeper level. I will apply a deeper pressure often using my elbows or forearms.


STR hamstrings portrait.JPG

This is quite a strong technique often used for injured athletes or those suffering from an impact injury once they are past the initial recovery phase. I will work to stretch your muscles and remove adhesions between individual muscle fibres so they can realign in the correct position.


MET Psoas landscape.JPG

This technique can also produce great improvement in muscle mobility and is a more gentle technique than STR. I will work to stretch your muscles and remove adhesions between individual muscle fibres so they can realign in the correct position. This technique is really amazing in how it works by producing a state of relaxation in a muscle allowing the affected muscle to then stretch beyond its initial range or ability and return to its normal relaxed state.


Myofascial neck treatment landscape.JPG

This is a gentle technique where you are placed in a position of comfort to ease discomfort and pain in soft tissues affected by spasms and a loss of range of motion. This releases tension within the soft tissues and can produce profound relief from pain. 


NMT SCM landscape.JPG

This technique works by retraining the nervous system by inhibiting the nerves for a short duration. It produces a state of relaxation in the muscle fibres being treated which have often been overstretched and so reduces the level of muscle tension. I will apply a focused pressure to the affected muscle fibres and hold that pressure for 90 seconds before releasing the applied pressure.




IASTM forearm landscape.JPG

This treatment uses specially designed instruments to help reduce and break down scar tissue and myofascial soft tissue adhesions by the application of cross friction. This helps to decrease pain and improve the range of motion and function of these soft tissues.


Acupuncture close up

Kinesiology tape can help facilitate the body’s natural healing process; alleviate pain and facilitate lymphatic drainage by gently lifting the skin creating microscopic space between the skin and the tissues underneath. It can be used to provide support and stability

to muscles and joints without restricting the body’s movement and can prolong treatment benefit as it can be worn for days at a time. 

Dry needling treatment for myofascial trigger points is an invasive procedure where I insert an acupuncture needle

into the skin and muscle. Myofascial trigger points (MTrP) are hyperirritable spots in skeletal muscle. Dry needling of MTrP's helps to release the taut bands of soft tissue providing muscular pain relief. It is especially beneficial for tendon issues such as carpal tunnel, tennis elbow, golfers elbow, achilles tendinitis and frozen shoulder.

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