I find my work as a soft tissue therapist extremely rewarding. Seeing the improvement in you through increasing your range of movement, alleviating your discomfort or pain and working with you towards your sporting or mobility goals is wonderful. Please feel free to have a look at what previous clients have said about their experiences with me and get in touch to see how I can help you.

In preparing to cycle 980 miles in 9 days at the age of 70, Caroline gave me thorough assessments and advised actions that I could be taking to protect myself from the likely strains of this challenge. Having successfully completed the challenge without any adverse effects, Caroline was then concerned to check me over just to ensure there were no hidden issues.

Following a recent walking accident, Caroline established the extent of the damage to soft tissue in my arm and shoulder, then provided excellent advice on how to regain my fitness. Thank you Caroline.

Steve - cyclist

I have visited Caroline following a road accident where I was hit by a cyclist. The session I had made such a difference and worked straight away like magic! I felt so much better that I slept all night through.

The next day I was able to walk much better. The results are amazing and I would definitely recommend her to other people.

Nermine - office worker

Once the treatment had finished I felt a really good looseness in my shoulders. It was as if someone had injected WD40 in.

I felt you had a very good connection and you were very natural at finding just the right points to exert pressure. Thanks heaps, I am appreciative and happy.

Chris - tree surgeon

I suffer with my lower back due

to work and general tension in my shoulders & upper body. I always feel totally relaxed and

far more comfortable after the massage than when I arrived

Louise - professional cleaner

You have magical hands I think. I ran efforts yesterday at 50% of speed just like the advice you gave me. Feels like I have a new pair of legs today.

Robin - runner

I have suffered with back pain for 13 years after a serious RTA. The first time I saw Caroline she was very thorough when giving me an initial assessment. I have say I feel she really knows her stuff.


The first massage released so much stiffness and pain in my legs and joints. The second time we worked on the areas I was experiencing most of the pain. That evening I had the best nights sleep in ages and woke feeling great, my movement so much more improved.

Hannah - driving instructor

Right after treatment today, I felt wonderful!. Physically I felt great, as though everything was working as it should be and really well together. My neck feels REALLY mobile and so do my shoulders, I can't wait till Thursday and climbing!!!

Merri - climber

Thanks to a life sat in front of laptops I've developed painful upper back and neck issues. Caroline did a great job at relieving the pain and equipping me with the knowledge of specific stretches to help me help myself. Having visited many sports masseuses over the years, I have to say that Carolines depth of knowledge and the techniques she employed were way beyond what I've experienced before...guess that's the difference a level 5 training and qualification makes!.

Mark - office worker

Gemma - marathon runner

Thanks for the massage today and treating my troublesome hamstrings and for identifying that the problem is exacerbated by other areas. I have noticed a massive difference out running; far less pain and far more flexibility. I can now get up hills again. I will certainly be booking in for monthly massages from here on in.

Rachel - ultra marathon runner

I slept like a baby last night, no tossing and turning and I slept all night and that hasn't happened in a while.

Sharon - coffee shop assistant

I have suffered with lower back pain for a few years now so thought it time to seek help. I came away feeling much improved and appreciate all your help yesterday, it has given me some hope. Stretching exercises done this morning, back not feeling too sore.

Robert - warehouse manager

Thank you so much for my lovely massage. I'm still floating!. My back feels amazing.

Cally - triathlete

Caroline helped me tremendously in just one visit. I was visiting from the United States, doing a 8 day walk through the Cotswolds. She treated a hamstring injury, allowing me to continue my walk pain free. She also provided a set of exercises that have enabled me to steadily heal.

Scott - hiker

Thank you very much for the fabulous sports massage and great advice yesterday. My legs feel great. I felt very relaxed after I left you and did some stretches today. I feel more flexible already.

Steffi - nursery school assistant

Thanks for yesterday - I was really amazed at how much more flexibility I had afterwards.

Rob - office worker

Caroline is not a masseuse - she is a magician! I booked a massage before the London Marathon and went into the race feeling toned and ready to run. I also had a massage the day afterwards and found this greatly reduced my aches and pains, and it definitely sped up my recovery. I think I would have had a very different race had it not been Caroline's expert touch!

Caroline's knowledge of the body & how to ease and coax muscles back to normal is truly impressive. She is also a friendly, reassuring and lovely person. I would recommend her to anyone.

Tracey - retired property developer

I visit Caroline for treatment regularly every month and have been visiting for about a year. Before I visited her I could hardly walk and was in tremendous pain 24/7. I suffer with a chronic back problem. Her treatment has really helped me. Previously I went to NHSPhysio who did treatment that had no effect whatsoever. I felt totally in despair and depressed. I was sceptical to think Caroline would help me but Wow. After even the very first treatment I felt amazing. Pain was much less and I was able to move. I have been suffering for 33 years since the birth of my youngest child and it had gotten worse and worse.

Visiting Caroline has been a life saver to me and I am more mobile. I feel stronger now too. I have recommended her to family and friends and thoroughly recommend her to all seeking pain relief especially.

Lianne - Airbnb property owner

Caroline was very professional & ensured that she had a thorough knowledge of my problem & any relevant history. The massage I received was really good & helped alleviate the issues. She also gave me some everises that are proving helpful. I would strongly recommend Caroline.

Hilary - conservationist

I was experiencing a lupus related arthritis flare which jumped from joint to joint causing pain swelling and bilateral carpal tunnel syndrome. I needed to find someone who was willing to treat me and to understand my condition. 

As soon as I met Caroline, I felt confident. She is both kind and empathic, highly skilled in her ability to get to the root of the problem, as well as wanting to learn and enhance her knowledge.

Each treatment session was enormously beneficial with regard to range of movement (neck, wrists, knee) and reduction in level of pain.

I felt looked after. I know where to find help when symptoms return. This is very reassuring for someone with a chronic condition. 

Thank you so much Caroline!

Angela - occupational therapist

Caroline has excellent knowledge, skill and professionalism. Her infection control practice inspires absolute confidence in me when I visit. Her treatment and advice re self-management and care comes with compassion and an intuition of the problem.

Since starting treatment with Caroline she has enabled me to carry on with work and hobbies without the back pain I was suffering from for years. The exercises and emphasis and the work I need to do has really helped. I now just visit for an 'M.O.T' (usually after a bit of heavy gardening or when I have lapsed with exercises/stretches!).

Izzy - healthcare worker

Caroline has a wealth of knowledge and took the time to understand the issue I was facing. I had been to the hospital for numerous scans and tests and the medical professional were not able to source the root of the problem. So I began a course of treatment with Caroline and within a fortnight I saw a huge improvement in my symptoms and I am now pain free.

Caroline provided me with exercises and ideas to help prevent the pain recurring. I would highly recommend her to everyone.


Alison - teacher

After over 2 years of successful chemotherapy for stage 4 bowel cancer, interrupted only by numerous hospital procedures, various parts of my body (and mind) had become stagnant due to pharmaceutical invasion, surgery and inactivity. Routine, daily chores and activities were troublesome or painful at best, and impossible at worst.

My children paved the way for soft tissue therapy with Caroline to become a key part of the rehab programme and I have not looked back! Based on information supportively provided by my oncology team, Caroline was able to focus on the parts of my body which had been adversely affected, and my 5 sessions to date have restored an uplifting degree of pre-diagnosis physical normality, which seemed unachievable a few months ago. This has prompted a corresponding improvement in mental health, allowing me to face and absorb further oncology treatments with the knowledge that side and after effects can be addressed!

As treatment continues to prevent a significant resurrection of dangerous tumours, I shall not hesitate to return to Caroline for further therapy to combat the inevitable side effects.

Martyn - retired

Michael - retired

Visiting the Cotswolds from Lincolnshire for a few days 'change of scenery' was accompanied by a sore lower back and aches in my hip replacement muscles. I saw Caroline's business page online and was delighted to find she could fit me in during my stay. I'm glad she could, as not only did she seriously reduce the cramping I was feeling, but also explained why and gave me advice on how to self-help afterwards. I only regret that I don't live close enough to gain her help regularly. Thoroughly professional and definitely up there with the best practitioners I have had the fortune to receive help from. Rating: Excellent

Thank you so much to Caroline for getting me ship shape for a 24 hour, 54 mile, charity trek in Scotland. I suffer from ongoing problems with sciatica and then, during training, encountered an Achilles injury. Caroline’s expert knowledge got to the root of the issue and saw me complete the challenge with no further injuries or problems. She comes highly recommend by a slightly broken farmer!!

James - farmer